Green Office Policy

King Tours and Limousine Service Inc recognize and understand the importance of protecting the environment and promoting best practice. We are committed to continual improvement in our environmental performance, and minimizing adverse environmental impacts where reasonably practicable.

There are some very easy steps that we can take to conserve our resources and also help our bottom line. We expect all office employees to integrate office reduction strategies into all facets of our operations, minimizing office paper use and purchases, and involving customers, suppliers, and /or the general public in reducing consumption of office waste.
1. Conserve paper

a. Use 2 sided printing
b. Only print what is needed. Use ‘Print Preview’ to be sure you are not printing unnecessary pages
c. Scan and send documents.
d. Use digital signature for credit card authorizations.

2. Recycle the paper and waste in the office blue bins
3. Sustainable paper.  Order paper only from approved sustainable suppliers.
4. Reach for the ENERGY STAR appliances in the office.
5. Replace standalone office equipment with multifunction systems.
6. Return print/copy cartridges and supplies for recycling.
7. Seek office equipment designed for re-manufacturing or recycling.
8. Migrate computer systems to cloud platform, and suppliers that use sustainable energy sources (ie wind energy).